The Drow War.. Land of Ashfar

Letter To Master Brassknuckle

Master Brassknuckle,
As usual I’m not sure what is happening. I remember going to bed after helping the head priest tend to some injured miners. Well.. holding things for the head priest. When i woke up, I was in a strange circle made of stone.

There were some figures carved in the stones.. One of them was a half orc, with 2 heads! Others were of some of the strange animals you showed me in that book. The one with all the pretty pictures. One of the others who woke up in that circle told me they were pictures in the stars. I looked, but all i saw was a purple mist. maybe tonite I’ll look to see the pictures in the stars.

There were some others who were in that circle to. Two of them were dwarves, though one talked strange.

I think the 3 others were human. One was very smart and seemed to know something about everything we came across. Even the strange carvings in the stones! He even seemed to know where we were. He told me, but I forgot.

Another one of the humans was dressed weird. It looked like he took a blanket and wrapped it around himself. And had a towel on his head! Some of the others seemed annoyed by him, because he kept talking about the “Sun King”, But i liked him, he even told me about hooks and bait and stuff. Fishing is a lot easier with that.

The last man also dressed weird. all in white with weird flappy things on his shoulders. I don’t know much about him, except he seemed to do all right in a fight. (he didn’t miss the shadowy things nearly as much as i did)

The Voice from the stones told us to find Jack’s Hawkfeather Sword. Or maybe it was Phil’s Dark Sweater Board. So we left to and headed across the big water to a small town. Ofcourse, I fell in, and got really wet. after they let dragged me back, all that fish smell made me hungry, and that’s when he taught me to fish. the dwarves went on to the town and me and the 3 humans stayed behind to dry our clothes and eat some fish. I think we will follow the dwarves soon, hopefully they know where breakfast is.. all that fish made me hungry.

Don’t worry, I havent touched a hammer since you warned me. I hope to write again soon.

Roric Goldstedding



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