Ergywyld Truesilver

This Dwarf Caver from the Land of Svarth, is quick to laugh and quick to anger. He hunts Drow the same way his people hunt Gold and Mithril.


With a flowing red mane, Ergywyld has a stutter unless he’s drinking or cursing, which is most of the time. When he was a baby his cries alerted a drow patrol and led to his mothers death. Some one set him free when he was a baby and he’s been searching for who ever since then.


Deeper and Deeper the silent Drow Runners pursued the young family.
Briefly squeezing her hand he pushed her on into the dark abyss.
He turned to make his final stand and to give his family a chance.
The Dwarf maiden could not look back, only ahead into the Stygian gloom.
Strapped to her back was the family’s most treasured possession, a toddling son.
The Mother and child would escape that day but not for long……

Thus began the life of Ergywyld Truesilver.

Ergywyld Truesilver

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