Roric Goldstedding

Slow Witted Half Orc Cleric raised by Dwarves


Roric was left at the gates of a smallish Dwarven town as an infant. No one knows who any of the parents are, though there are unfounded rumors that the mother was a victim of a rape and found the memories to painful to continue. However, to his fortune, A Dwarven family took pity on the babe, and took him in to raise as their son. Though they loved him, Roric’s life was full of hardships. The young dwarves Bullied him when they could, and when he grew to big to bully, jeered and cried horrible insults out of fear. Those few that befriended him were made fun of for their friendship, but Roric appreciated them all that much more.

When atlast it was time for him to apprentice himself with a chosen master, He tried several careers. First, in the Mines, where he was quickly deemed to large for the small tunnels, and much to ambitious with his hammer.

Later, he tried his skill at smithing. His master, Balgrum BrassKnuckle, Though a patient and understanding dwarf, finnally threatened to smash in his head if he ever saw the young half-orc with a hammer in his hand again.

Dejected, Roric started wandering the city, until unwittingly finding himself in front of the temple of Moradin. He went in and suddenly knew his purpose! He was to adventure the world, spreading the word of Moradin. He quickly joined the ranks of Clerics, and was surprisingly very good at the job. (It is to be noted however, that the head priests were very glad to see him leave on his first adventure and shortly after filled the drinking halls celebrating his… graduation)

Roric Goldstedding

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