Welcome to The Drow Wars!!!

This is my first campaign using this system and I hope all my players enjoy it. I will be using some different accessories with my 3.5 game and I am really looking forward to seeing how it all works. Just a reminder to my players.. skills in this game will be important and once chosen will have to be taught or trained by someone to be able to put points in. I will explain this more tomorrow night. Also I do run with a rule that if you do not have an ability you will take a -4 to the roll. I am really looking forward to running and i hope your all looking forward to playing!!!!

Well we restarted this adventure the past year and have made a shift from 3.5 to pathfinder. We have some sessions behind us I would like to briefly put up , with the help of my friends.. this has been great fun and i hope for you as much as me!

The Drow War.. Land of Ashfar

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