The Drow War.. Land of Ashfar

The Drow War- Information

The Drow War World Information

*The World of Ashfar:

The world of Ashfar has many various types of civilizations and countries very much like our own. Some countries are quite civilized while others simply barbaric. Some places are cosmopolitan democracies where all races and religions are welcome where others are xenophobic and isolated. Travel from continents is extremely difficult however the Elves of the land have developed gates that allow instant travel between them. The elves charge a very high price for the use of these portals/gates and only the elves have the magic knowledge and resources to operate them. The rulers of the seas in Ashfar are the pirates. Ashfar has a cycle of months just like our own earth and their night sky is similar to ours however you may see the outline of a beholder rather then the big dipper floating above you. Magic works like it does in normal dungeons and dragons worlds with one major difference. The divine spells raise dead and resurrection etc. do not work as does any wish that restores life. Adventurers are not the norm in this adventurer and there are not enough heroes to go around. Times are hard even for the nobility in this world and the darkness seems to be creeping in everywhere. The drow/dark elves of this world are universally hated by all esp. the high elves so no player characters can be a drow. Humans are the main inhabitants of most of the world. There are NO known half-elves or half-drow because they insist on keeping their blood pure and thus magic pure (the exception being the wood elves but they do not lay claim to any of them being half wood elf they simply feel that if they are born in their lands then they are wood elf). The high elves are a snooty bunch but even they have their adventurers who seek to travel out of there cities and join the other races in protecting the world. There are no known dragons existing in the world having been eradicated many hundreds of years ago. The drow are the major threat to the world of ashfar. *



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